YPO/WPO Forum Confidentiality Case Studies

The Forum Handbook cover.  co-edited by Terry Plochman and Kevin Kervick

When Terry Plochman and I revised the then-available forum training literature, our new publication was titled “The Forum Handbook”. It is now out of print. The latest version of the general forum training manual is “The Forum e-Guidebook”, which is available on the YPO/WPO website.

Missing in the newer publication is Terry’s wonderful series of 8 Confidentiality Case Studies – which he created for “The Forum Handbook”. Terry was the first person to conceive of publishing case studies to show how easy it is to unintentionally violate forum confidentiality.

A best practice that YPO used to recommend is to start each forum meeting with a 5 minute review of one confidentiality case study. It is much more effective to explore specific situations where confidentiality was violated rather than just repeating a confidentiality reminder.

When I realized that Terry’s great case studies were missing from the current line-up, I gave him a call to get his permission – which he gave graciously – to publish them on my site. It is a shame that the confidentiality case studies were dropped in the latest revision of forum literature. In my opinion, they were one of the best tools on offer and I have recommended them to many forums. Click here to see Terry’s case studies.

By the way, Terry is a forum trainer and retreat facilitator with deep experience. He can be contacted through terryplochman.com