No Judgment, No Advice

YPO forum judgment and advice

Not judging and not giving advice are well established YPO/WPO forum guidelines – and with very good reason. However, there are (exceptionally infrequent) times when it is OK (in fact, desirable) to judge or advise. That is when an intervention is called for.

I have permission (from the YPOer in question) to share the following story:
Years ago, I was part of a forum where a member lost his job – he was a non-family “hired gun” for a family business. This loss was devastating for the member and he wasn’t thinking clearly. He announced that he planned to sell his house, pile the family into a minivan and drive across the country. He would figure out where to resettle and what to do for work as he headed west.

The rest of the forum looked uneasily at one another. After a silence, we commenced judging. Most of the meeting was spent addressing this member’s future. We talked the member out of his half-baked plan. By the end of the meeting, he was able to start discerning other paths that were more likely to lead to success.

But, in almost 30 years of forum, I only saw this one situation where being judgmental and giving advice was called for.