EVEN More YPO/WPO Forum Confidentiality Case Studies

YPO forum confidentiality is forever

In July of 2015, I posted eight confidentiality case studies written by forum trainer Terry Plochman. A month later, I posted two new case studies of my own. At that time, I pledged to write and post a couple more so that we would have at least one dozen – enough for one per month for the entire year.

Here is a link to my newly updated series of four. These case studies show how easy it is to unintentionally violate forum confidentiality.

Don’t wait until your next YPO/WPO forum retreat…start using these case studies at your next forum meeting. Take 10 minutes at the beginning of each meeting. Pass out copies of one case study and have the members read it. Discuss the case study for a few minutes, then move on to your other agenda items. Confidentiality is too important to just mumble a reminder at the start of each meeting.