Retreat Recreation

YPO/WPO forum retreat activities

It is common to plan some fun activities in addition to the retreat work. At various retreats, I have golfed, downhill skied, cross country skied, snowmobiled, hiked, kayaked, sailed, yachted, bicycled, mountain bicycled, fished, played ping-pong, shot pool, shot sporting clays, engaged in fitness programs, roped cattle at a dude ranch, tasted wine, tasted beer, […]

EVEN More YPO/WPO Forum Confidentiality Case Studies

YPO forum confidentiality is forever

In July of 2015, I posted eight confidentiality case studies written by forum trainer Terry Plochman. A month later, I posted two new case studies of my own. At that time, I pledged to write and post a couple more so that we would have at least one dozen – enough for one per month […]

YPO/WPO Retreat Purpose

The right YPO WPO retreat topic

When I ask a YPO/WPO forum what they wish to accomplish at their retreat, a common answer is “We don’t know. We just want something good. If someone cries, it will be a homerun”. There are a few retreat goals that are universal. Usually a great retreat accomplishes one or more of the following: Bonding/trust […]

Do you need a facilitator at your next YPO/WPO retreat?

I was recently asked if I thought an outside (professional) YPO/WPO retreat facilitator is always necessary. The questioner was throwing me a good natured challenge that could be paraphrased as: “Do you professional facilitators really add enough value to justify your expense?” When I was on the North American (now International) YPO Forum Board, our […]

More YPO/WPO Forum Confidentiality Case Studies

YPO forum confidentiality is forever

After posting eight confidentiality case studies written by forum trainer Terry Plochman, I decided to write a few of my own. Terry’s eight case studies are here and my two new case studies are here. My goal is to ultimately have a total 12-15 confidentiality case studies available so that forums can review one each […]

YPO/WPO Forum Confidentiality Case Studies

When Terry Plochman and I revised the then-available forum training literature, our new publication was titled “The Forum Handbook”. It is now out of print. The latest version of the general forum training manual is “The Forum e-Guidebook”, which is available on the YPO/WPO website. Missing in the newer publication is Terry’s wonderful series of […]

Conflicts of Interest In a YPO/WPO Forum

WPO forum conflicts of interest

I was speaking with a YPO forum moderator on the phone and he mentioned in passing that one of his forum mates serves on his board of directors. This has long been identified as a conflict of interest within a forum. I looked up the official language in the YPO/WPO Forum eGuidebook on the YPO/WPO […]

YPO/WPO Forum Jobs

YPO/WPO forum facilitator queue keeper

In reviewing some current YPO/WPO forum training material, I saw the following list of jobs: Moderator, Assistant Moderator, Treasurer, Day Chair, Presenter, Time Keeper, Scribe and Processor. I can personally attest to the value of each of these jobs. I highly recommend that a forum use them all. However, I did not see a job […]