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The Goal for Each Presentation

The only standard by which to judge a speaker is: “Does this one speaker justify the entire cost of the conference (or the entire cost of my membership dues)?” A great speaker with new information on an important topic will get a resounding “YES”. Kevin takes the same approach to his own speaking engagements. He wants his audience to be presented with the most valuable information they have received that year. He constantly hones his presentations to keep them current and improve the actionable take-home value.

Death by Banker:
What to do if the bank calls your loan (and how to prevent it in the first place).
In September of 2015, this presentation was named by the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) as the Best Business Presentation in the (US) Northeast Region! The Northeast region is a “powerhouse” region, covering 37 YPO/WPO chapters including Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston and all points in between.

View the two videos below (each about four minutes long) to see snips of the Death by Banker presentation.

When a bank “calls” a loan, it rarely gets paid in full on the spot. Instead, the loan is transferred from the regular Account Management Dept. to the “Workout” or “Loan Resolution” crew. Workout is always a near-death experience. For many, it is a total-death experience. The Workout guys have one job – to recover as much of the loan as possible, as fast as possible. And, often, liquidating your company is the fastest way for them to reach their goal.

BUT, there are many things that you, the borrower, can do to Fireproof Your Loan™.  These are things that need to be done now, while your company is healthy, so that you have a fighting chance if the bank tosses your company into Workout.  In the first half of this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to select a bank that is more likely to work with you when the chips are down.
  • The proper way to look at a personal guarantee and how to negotiate a better outcome.
  • Strategies for protecting your personal assets, including using favorable bank regulations.
  • Loan covenant tweaks that you might need.
  • Choosing the right lawyer to review the loan agreement.
  • Why you shouldn’t use your bank for other services, like foreign exchange or payroll.
  • How to negotiate your deal and how to communicate with the bank after the deal is done.
  • The “one thing” every borrower should ask their current bank, but no one ever does.
  • Why your great relationship with the loan officer may count for nothing in a downturn.

Employing these strategies make it much more likely that you will live through Workout.  Or, if the bank does liquidate your business, you will end the process in much better shape than you otherwise would.

The second half of the presentation covers what to do if your bank tosses you into Workout.  Workout is full of land-mines and one wrong step can be fatal.  This part of the presentation gives a general plan for successfully navigating the perils of Workout.

There are many issues that swirl around Fireproofing Your Loan™ and navigating through a Workout situation. The lessons learned come from Kevin Kervick’s own banking battles, the Workout experiences of other business owners, the wisdom of workout-savvy corporate lawyers and the insights of bankers themselves.

Incredible Bonus Information – by Special Arrangement
Individual banks have vastly different Workout cultures, ranging from awful to fair. The best way to avoid Death by Banker is to avoid using a bank that is cut-throat in Workout. This is the single most important piece of due-diligence that a borrower can do when deciding on a new bank relationship. Kevin Kervick has developed a way to identify some of the worst banks in your geographic area. He does the research on your local area, and during this confidential presentation, he names names! This is critical information that every business person needs to know, but rarely does.   Due to the time required to develop this information, it is only provided by special arrangement.

Audience Comments: “Great, powerful take-home”; “Very open and honest”; “Kevin is a great presenter and his willingness to share his experiences is terrific”; “Personal, real, local, actionable!”

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