Kevin Kervick has owned various percentages (from 12% to 99%) in several different manufacturing companies in differing industry sectors.

After leaving those industries, Kevin decided to keep working full time – but only on the few things he was exceptionally good at and that he loved doing. He now spends the vast majority of his time consulting with business owners regarding their bank debt as well as speaking about bank loan best practices, from a borrower’s point of view. His mission is to make the world (actually, just the U.S.) safe for borrowers.

Kevin also has a deep background in leading YPO/WPO forum retreats. He leads several retreats each year, as time allows. This work isn’t the main focus of Kervick Development, but Kevin keeps his hand in it because he loves the forum/peer group interaction.  See Kevin’s forum background below.

Kevin at WhiteboardBank Loan Consulting Qualifications
Kevin Kervick is the creator of the Fire Proof Your Loan™ process. Kevin holds a Business Degree from Babson College.

“Workout” is the process a bank puts a borrower into when the bank “calls” the loan.  Kevin’s first experience with bank Workout was as a 12% owner of a holding company that owned several operating companies. While he wasn’t “driving the bus” in that company, he developed a keen appreciation of the intricacies of Workout – specifically regarding how ownership (including him) failed to build a structure in advance that would have greatly helped them once they were placed in Workout by their bank. The company eventually emerged from Workout and lived to fight another day.

Many years (and two business acquisitions) later, as a 99% owner of a manufacturing business, Kevin experienced Workout a second time. His company suffered through a major customer declaring bankruptcy and a disaster that side-lined his most productive and largest machine for four months. Even though his loan was “over collateralized” and he had never missed a bank payment (nor was he likely to), the bank elected to liquidate the business. It was at this point that Kevin developed an appreciation for understanding a bank’s reputation regarding Workout. He belatedly discovered that his bank had one of the worst reputations for Workout in his geographic area. It was out of this experience that Kevin developed his method for assessing a bank’s Workout culture. A business owner has enough to worry about without having to deal with an unreliable bank.

In talking with many of his business-owning peers, Kevin realized that most of them did not have the knowledge to insulate themselves from the worst that a bank can dish out. Their lawyers merely reviewed the loan agreements without helping the business owners craft an overall strategy. Kevin researched bank regulations and interviewed many bankers, lawyers and business owners who had been through Workout. From this research, and his hard-earned experience, Kevin built a unique method to help business owners tilt the banking playing field in the borrower’s direction.


Forum Retreat Qualifications
Kevin Kervick knows YPO forums.  He is a long-time YPO/WPO member, joining in 1988 at the age of 26. In the 1990s, Kevin had a seven year run on the North American (now International) Forum Board. The board was responsible for hiring YPO forum moderator trainers, auditing moderator training, developing best practices, developing retreat ideas and running the Forum Officer’s Workshop at the YPO Chapter Officers Workshop (now the Global Leadership Conference – or GLC).

the forum handbookWhile on the YPO North American Forum Board, Kevin’s specialty was forum retreats and retreat topics. He wrote the “Advancing Retreats” column in the Forum Advisor newsletter and asked many YPOers for their best retreat ideas. Kevin wrote up those ideas – and many of them are still in use on the YPO/WPO website.

Kevin authored YPO’s first Forum Retreat Handbook in 1994 and in 1996 was the co-editor (along with Terry Plochman) of The Forum Handbook – a major revision and expansion of the then available forum literature.

Kevin was in two forums for an extended period and was a participant in 37 YPO retreats before he ventured out into professional retreat facilitation! Kevin continues to develop new retreat exercises. His goal is to create one to two new YPO/WPO forum retreat programs each year. Kevin crossed over to WPO in 2012. He has served as Chapter Forum Officer several times (and has held the Membership job, Education job and Chapter Chair position).