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KervickDevelopment.com is home base for Kevin Kervick. My mission is to make the world safe for business owners who borrow from banks.  I accomplish my mission through individual consulting and business speaking.

Ask Josh PatrickHear Kevin Kervick on the Sustainable Business Podcast!
Leading business thinker Josh Patrick interviews Kevin Kervick for Josh’s Sustainable Business Podcast.  During this 23 minute session, Kevin reveals a few of the mistakes that business owners make  with their bank loans.  Click the Sustainable Business image for a link to the podcast.

The Inherent Conflict with your Bank
A bank just wants to be paid back – which is not an unreasonable desire. An entrepreneur just wants to grow a business without losing everything he or she has – including the house. This is also not an unreasonable desire.

However, these not-unreasonable desires sometimes conflict. When the bank’s interests come into conflict with the borrower’s interests, the borrower often gets crushed. The sorry fact is that most borrowers (even those whose attorneys review their loan agreements) simply have not taken the steps to protect themselves from the worst a bank can dish out. I call those steps Fire-Proofing Your Loan™.

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